As we previously reported, top executives from British broadcasters joined a panel to discuss which diversity and inclusion initiatives have worked to date, and what must be done differently to effect the change we want to see.

You can view the panel in full below or if you don’t have time, read some of the key quotes underneath

ITV director of television Kevin Lygo revealed commissioning editor posts are being created that will be filled by BAME candidates with broad remits, “not just to make shows for black people. In six months to one year, I am confident our commissioning and opinion-forming make-up will be much more diverse,” Lygo declared. “As a result, there will be more interesting decisions about who works on our programmes and who is fronting them.”

ITV commissioning editors are also being incentivised to hit diversity improvement targets by linking performance on this issue to bonus payments.

Sky managing director of content Zai Bennett committed to “changing the diversity of [Sky’s] senior commissioning” over the next 18 months, describing this as “imperative and essential”. He revealed that he is wrestling with the fact that Sky has a low-staff-turnover rate, as commissioners remain in post for lengthy periods. “The roles we have are great and people stay in them for a very long time so we need to think how to create more jobs that have a bit more turnover – we need to think about structure.”

BBC content director Charlotte Moore said the difference between the BBC’s recently announced £100m diverse content fund and 20% diversity off-screen target compared with previous attempts to deal with these issues is input compared to output.

“A lot of the initiatives of the past 10 to 20 years have been focused on input such as talent schemes or development funding, whilst there has been progress, this hasn’t bought about the systemic change we’d want.”

“But what we’re talking about today is output – we are measuring everything we do and being transparent. This will lead to a sea change.” She encouraged the wider industry to “come with us and hold us to account in one year’s time”

Discussion on British Broadcasters Diversity Strategy
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