Comic Relief is a charity formed in the 1980’s in response to the famine in Ethiopia. It’s most famous for it’s Red Nose Day telethon where comedians to make the public laugh, in order to raise money and awareness to help people around the world. However the charity has long been criticised for films where white celebrities travel to countries in Africa and Asia to report on the terrible conditions that people are living in. Comic Relief have now announced that they will work with local filmakers and media organisations to create appeal films and there are no plans to send high profile celebrities to international project visits next year, and if they do decide to send celebrities in the future, the films and narratives will be fully led by local people.

Comic Relief hosted a conversation hosted by newsreader Charlene White with Sir Lenny Henry and June Sarpong OBE about diversity and representaion in the creative sectors – you can watch the discussion below

Comic Relief to end ‘White Saviour’ films
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