Sitting in Limbo, BBC

A shocking drama inspired by the Windrush scandal. After 50 years in the UK, Anthony Bryan is wrongfully detained by the Home Office and threatened with deportation. 

This was written by Stephen S. Thompson who ably demonstrates why we need more black writers to tell our stories. This is an emotive story that looks and feels authentic. It’s relatable – whether you have direct connections to the story or not. Personally, it was a reminder of the time that my mother went back to Nigeria for a couple of years after 25 years of living in the UK, and when she came back she was refused entry – even though her four children were still here. We had to go to court to get her back – and thankfully, the process was not as long drawn out and disturbing as this one thanks to a sympathetic judge who recognised the ridiculousness of the system. But the disquiet, malaise, and sensation of being unwanted in the place that you call home – is something that stays with you, and that is what this series brilliantly portrays.

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