Diversify TV is the brainchild of David Cornwall, Liliane Da Cruz, Nick Smith  and Bunmi Akintonwa.

It started back in 2015 at the global content market MIPTV as informal drinks to help forge connections between those who were passionate about increasing diversity, and improving representation in the Television industry. It was a humble beginning but for the 20 or so guests who turned up many new connections and friendships were born.

Photo of some of the attendees of the first Diversify TV drinks
First diversity drinks, April 2015

Whilst the consensus was that the drinks were a success and should be repeated at MIPCOM in October, the ambition was always to do more. By calling in several favours they were able to secure a more central location and achieve the stunning result of  a talk by Sean Cohan, EVP International, A+E Networks and Michael Armstrong, EVP International Viacom. Word quickly spread and the event had attendees spilling out on to the street. The interest in the event convinced the team of the need to formalise the group and make plans to take activities to the next level.


A year after the first event they were thrilled to receive a talk from David Ellender, President, Global Distribution and Co-Productions at Sonar Entertainment to do so. Once again it was a full house and in addition to remarks from David Ellender, attendees also got to hear from the actors Anika Noni Rose and LeVar Burton. Please see highlights video below:

Around this time DiversifyTV was officially formed with David, Nick, Bunmi and Liliane on the board. Liliane agreed to make her employers, Reed Midem (organisers of the MIP markets) aware of what they had been doing and encourage them to discuss partnering with DiversifyTV to promote increased diversity in the industry. Reed Midem embraced the idea and over a period of many months, the two groups planned a Diversity Summit which took place at MIPCOM 2016 (highlights below).

At MIPCOM in October 2016 Reed Midem chose to award producer, writer and showrunner Shonda Rhimes MIPCOM personality of the Year, the first black woman to be bestowed with this honour. Shonda gave a keynote at the conference and the DiversifyTV team were invited to a dinner in her honour (pictured right).

The DiversifyTV party that night at Club C21 went down in memory!


After arranging such big events at MIPCOM 2016, it was decided that for the smaller MIPTV market in 2017, Diversify TV would go back to having another drinks networking and make plans for another big event at MIPCOM.

Nick put forward the idea of hosting an awards ceremony that recognised the top quality shows that gave a fair and accurate representation of minorities. He was keen that instead of being judged by industry peers like most award shows, that the DiversifyTV awards would be judged by communities that are so often poorly represented. Charities were delighted to be part of it and their unique perspective really enhanced the event.

Diversify TV team at the 1st Diversify TV Excellence Awards

Bunmi @ Diversify TV LunchLiliane brought colleagues from Reed Midem onboard, and alongside the Diversify TV team, planned not just the awards, but a full diversity and inclusion programme for MIPCOM. More can be read about the Diversify TV awards here, other events included a Diversity lunch, which you can see a photo of Bunmi welcoming attendees to below.

Diversify TV Lunch

Diversify TV Lunch

Also, panels were held to discuss topics related to representation and Diversity Paneldiversity.

Lastly through the Diversify TV teams’ relationship with Franklin Rae PR they were able to convince the comedian Lenny Henry to give a keynote on Diversity, which you can view below.

You can read a wrap of the MIPCOM 2017 diversity programme here


As the size and scale of the organisational task grew it was clear that the Diversify TV team needed help. An arrangement with Reed Midem was proposed to solidify their commitment to diversity and inclusion and see them take the lead role in organising diversity programme. Reed Midem readily agreed and formed the Mip Markets Diversity Advisory Board, which they invited David, Bunmi and Nick to sit on.

Diversity Board

The DiversifyTV team continued to put on a networking drinks event at MIPTV and also advised on the diversity programme for MIPCOM, including being heavily involved in the 2nd Diversify TV Excellence Awards, which you can read more of here.

The amazing writer and producer Issa Rae was chosen to be MIPCOM’s personality of the year, she gave a keynote (which you can view below) and was also gracious enough to present a Diversify TV Excellence award

This article from Variety does a good job in summing up the increased effort to increase diversity and inclusion.


2019 once again saw DiversifyTV host a networking drinks event at MIPTV and the 3rd edition of the DiversifyTV Excellence Awards

award winners

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