Miki Chojnacka, chief content creator at Preschool VOD platform Hopster said at the Children’s Media Conference that they are looking for more content for Black History Month relating to Britain, such as the Windrush generation and role models, such as scientists, writers and actors.

“We wanted to celebrate Black History Month this year and we realised that there’s not enough content, and if there is content, it’s mostly quite old, US history. What we are missing and what we are looking for is content – it could be songs or episodes – about black history, especially the British one; so the Windrush generation and also current role models.

“We would like to have current role models that don’t come from the urban space but are scientists, pilots or writers. That’s something we’re definitely looking for now, very actively.

“We’re looking for diversity not only on-screen but also behind the screen. We’re looking for creators from black or Asian minorities; they could be songwriters, video creators or designers,”

Hopster Seeks Black History Content
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