Kate and KojiITV – I don’t expect this sitcom to travel, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to see this outside of the UK, but I felt compelled to watch this when I heard it would feature Jimmy Akingbola playing an African immigrant. I feared the worse, the show is written by 2, (very successful), white male writers who are well in to their 60’s (you may be familiar with their BBC sitcom Outnumbered, which is pretty good). Now I’m familiar with the Ghanaian name Kojo, (means born on Monday), but I’ve never heard of Koji as an African name, had they really made the most basic of mistakes? It turns out that the character’s name was the best joke of the first episode. His passport reveals Koji is teh name he goes by instead of Kojak Columbo Quincy Cagney Lacey Akindele – his father loved American detective TV shows. I read in an interview that the writers were keen to create an asylum-seeker character that was not a victim – Koji is a doctor – good intentions, but it feels like a racist sitcom from the 70’s, just with the black character now getting the last laugh. One episode was enough for me, whether or not it is distasteful, it just wasn’t funny. For a hilarious sitcom with an asylum-seeker as a lead character, check out the Channel 4 series Home, apparently Ben Stiller is remaking the show for NBC.

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