Black director Maimouna Doucouré’s Sundance award winning French film ‘Cuties’ (original title Mignonnes), was dragged in to the headlines after Netflix used “inappropriate artwork” to promote that the film would be available on their service in September. See below left, the original French publicity, and on the right, the promotional material that Netflix have now apologised for.

There is now clamour for the film to be banned, however this seems to be a reaction purely to Netflix’s promotional campaign and not from those that have actually seen the film. Someone who has seen the film is acress Tessa Thompson and she posted in support of the film

Cuties is based on a traditional Senegalese Muslim girl who is caught and torn between two contrasting fortunes, traditional values and internet culture while also speaking about hyper sexualization of pre-adolescent girls. Doucouré said she made Cuties to highlight how social media pushes girls to mimic sexual imagery, it’s a shame that conversation isn’t being had. Netflix have vowed that they will go ahead with releasing the film on the service, so we’ll have the opportunity to judge ofr ourselves.

Netflix Apologises after Sexualising Children Controversy
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