Quiz, ITV & AMC – This 3 part drama is a fact based story of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire (WWTBAM) contestant, Major Charles Ingram, who was found guilty of cheating his way to win a million pounds on the British version of the show. It’s a fascinating story, and although I remember the furore when it happened nearly 20 years ago, the drama reveals that things were not quite as black and white as they seemed at the time. Whilst I can’t say I’m sure that Major Ingram is innocent, there is enough doubt in my mind that I don’t think I could find him guilty. I have spoken to lots of people that are convinced of the Major’s guilt, but it’s interesting that none of my friends of colour have been willing to be that unequivocal, maybe that’s due to us having less faith in the judicial system? Quiz actually started as a theatre play. I took my team to see it, considering we work in TV formats and WWTBAM is the most successful TV format of all time, it seemed fitting. In the play, the audience were given the opportunity to act as the jury via electronic voting after each act, where they will  have witnessed the arguments for the prosecution and the defence to decide whether Ingram was guilty. James Graham, the writer of both the play and TV adaptation, revealed in a podcast to accompany the TV show, that virtually every night of the play’s run, the majority of the audience changed their mind and voted not guilty at the end of the play. Interestingly two members of my team were learning about the story for the first time, (one was a baby when it happened, the other not a Brit), therefore didn’t have the preconceived ideas the rest of us did and were never convinced of his guilt. I hate to sound pretentious, but I think the play is superior to the TV series, (in addition to the interactivity, it also has more humour), however the TV series is still excellent and I think everybody working in entertainment TV should watch. With the Major and his wife set to appeal their conviction do you think the they are guilty?

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